Feminine and masculine energy resides in all humans,regardless of gender. Feminine energy, is the energy of being, of creation and healing. It is the gateway to feelings,intuition, vulnerability and so on. In today’s world, we tend to over value the masculine energy of grinding and accomplishing. We fail to nurture the feminine as it is mostly perceived as weakness. Therefore we end up feeling out of balance, like we’re missing something.

It is essential to reconnect with your feminine energy, for it allows emotions to flow and it sharpens intuition amongst other things. Below are 5 practical steps that helped me along my journey;


Growing up, i hated the idea of being a woman, because i saw it as the embodiment of weakness. That narrative stayed with me up until adulthood. My emotions were blocked and i wondered what was wrong with me. When i started practicing meditation, every suppressed feeling i had tucked away in shame surfaced. I acknowledged all those feelings without judgement and finally understood the beauty of being emotional. You see, meditation allows you to tune in and goes on to expose your feelings, reactions,complexes and insecurities. This leads to healing, because you get to acknowledge, accept,forgive and let go where necessary. Therefore balance is restored and emotional intelligence is attained.


Consciously spending time in the company of other women, goes a long way to replenish your feminine energy. I am fortunate to have truly beautiful,strong and loving girl friends in my life. Our hangouts ranges from painting classes, to game night or political debates over dinner. With them it’s always laughter,gallons of wine, endless talks about food and random twerking. We each feel supported by the other and love goes without saying. Engage with ladies who support and uplift you, not those who tear and bring you down. It could be close friends or simply ladies who you connect and feel safe with. What you and your girls do doesn’t matter, as long as you carve out time to recharge with them .


The feminine energy is a creative,flowing life force, so creating nurtures it. The female body is designed to create and bring forth life itself! So creating is the very essence of feminine energy. It could be anything from singing, sculpting,writing to cooking,playing an instrument, painting,sewing or dancing. Remember that creating is an outlet to express ourselves, so it does not have to be great. Therefore,create as much ”crap” as you want,as long as you are creating.


Another very useful tool that helped me increase my feminine energy was pleasuring my senses. Opening your mind to the little pleasures of life would enable you notice and enjoy them more. Pleasure your sight by noticing the beautiful summer colors,sunsets ,enjoying paintings or street art. Pleasure your palate with flavorful meals,chocolate or some red wine. Smell your food before eating or even your body wash when showering to indulge your sense of smell. Satisfy your hearing by listening to music ,to the sound of rain, water ripples or waves crashing. Massages, bubble baths, yoga, orgasms ,touching fabrics,or the awareness of matter on skin, indulges the sense of touch.

Simply add more pleasure to your daily life by being consciously aware of your senses and living in them.


As aforementioned, i hated that i was born female and everything associated with it. From the boobs, wide hips, high pitched voice, to monthly periods and the idea of childbirth. What i found worse were the social and cultural implications of being female ,the helplessness and codependency. Even my dressing was almost always masculine. I dressed masculine to prove a point (of not conforming) and not because i enjoyed it. It was not difficult to understand why my i felt unbalanced when i finally touched base with my feelings. When i understood and accepted who i was, without fitting myself into a gender role, self love flowed. One of the things i did,which helped increase my feminine energy was to celebrate my femininity.

Celebrating femininity is a lovely way of expressing beauty,self love and confidence. It could by wearing elegant jewelry,adorning yourself in flowing garments. Honoring your menstrual cycle and not shaming it. It could be by wearing makeup, grooming yourself or wearing your hair differently. By celebrating your wonderful body or decorating your personal space . It could be anything that makes you feel beautiful and inside out. What a wonderful way of increasing your feminine energy, by simply feeling your best.


The above steps are what helped me along my journey to increase my feminine energy. Great feminine energy brings about a shift and balance in emotions. The masculine energy becomes easy to get into without feeling out of sorts. There is a general sense of ease and well being in your daily life.

Remember we all are different ,so take from the above steps, only what resonates with you. You make the rules, so tailor the above steps to match who you are and enjoy the process.


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