We live in a world where we are told what to eat and drink. We’re told how to look, feel, and even how we’re supposed to live our lives. When we listen more to those societal standards and less to our voices, we lose who we are. Conflict and unhappiness sets in, because we have tucked away said voices and live in falsity. So, are you living your truth? Like fully and completely honoring yourself? Or are you living your life for others, in search of validation? Shrinking and diminish yourself to fit someone else’s notion of who you should be? How then, can you step into your truth and live it fearlessly?


Meditation in this case would enable you to take stock of what your current reality is. This would bring to the surface, your thoughts, struggles,choices and mistakes. In other words, it would show you who and where you currently are in life. Meditation is the best exercise for this, because it helps you navigate all this without ascribing judgement. This then leads to accepting your imperfections and forgiveness flows. Thus, acknowledging and accepting your current reality, permits you to let it go and move onto a new chapter.


This step here is the most important. Reason being that you can’t live your truth, if you don’t even know what that is. For you to know who you are, you’d have to do some soul deep diving . Reflect on the things that resonate with your soul. Those things that make you absolutely happy. Have the courage to question your beliefs and mindsets. Install new ones that serve you and let go of those that do not. Examine your principles. Establish what makes you passionate, what career path would fulfill you the most. Know what your gifts are (that thing you are effortlessly good at and passionate about). Get clear on the type of people you would like to surround yourself with. Go even as far as knowing the person you want to become and grow into that. Dismantling old patterns and principles is no easy task. So you would have to exercise a lot of patience with yourself.


Trying a bunch of different things,deepens your knowledge of self because it pushes you out of your comfort zone. It could be just anything. Travelling to different cities or countries. Trying new foods, getting to know people from different cultural backgrounds. It could be by simply trying different physical activities e.g taking a pottery or cooking class.

These all goes a long way to expand your mind and broaden your horizons. You get to discover new things about yourself simply because you stepped out of your comfort zone.


As you gradually discover who you are, love the hell out of yourself. Love every single part of your perfectly flawed being. It could be in whatever form you please. Anything that honors your being. Celebrating and owning your beautiful body and style. Speaking your truth, owning your quirks,passions,choices and decisions. It could be by leaving a toxic relationship or deciding to work on yourself.

Knowing,accepting and loving yourself makes you realize your self worth. You get to live a life being and expressing your true self. You get to walk your path with no desire of being anyone else. Confident enough not to compete or compare with others but striving only to better yourself.


The most constant thing about us is change. You’re not the same person you were yesterday,or even an hour ago. That is one of the beauties of life. We change, we learn,we evolve, we know better. Because we are humans, we are prone to mistakes and flaws. Therefore there is always room for growth and learning, no matter how accomplished we think we are.

Also, sometimes, we’re not particularly proud of where we are in our lives. We know our truth but are just too afraid or lazy to live it. To move forward,you have to deal with your fears, heal and allow room for growth. Find the courage to finally quit that job you hate so much. Open that restaurant, write that book , start that company. If need be, hone and perfect your skills. Take classes or go to workshops or seminars. Whatever your passions are, just honor and live them. Keep bettering yourself in every area of your life and strive to always evolve into your best version.


The rewards are bountiful when you get to live your truth. You get to honestly, really be yourself and be content. Life becomes full of joys and you get to appreciate how far you’ve come along your journey. Also,you get the strength and confidence to take on whatever life brings your way.

So take from this what feeds and resonates with you. Do enjoy getting to know yourself in depth as you evolve into your best version. May you always live your truth bold and proud.


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