We all go through moments where everything seems to go to hell. It could be losing a job, something valuable or a wallet containing very personal belongings. It could be bad news about us or our loved ones or a series of irritating little things. Such moments tend to leave us wanting to scream out in frustration! Break down and cry or just rip off the hair from our heads.

Let’s face it. Challenges and rough times are a part and parcel of this thing called life. We have all been there, more times than we care for. Therefore, whether we like it or not, we will always get those nasty surprises. How we react to them however, makes a whole world of difference. So what helped (and still helps )me along my journey to stay positive during challenging times are as follows;


When challenges arise, we tend to react in frustration,anger, anxiety or fear. Those negative emotions gets us breathing shallow and plunges us into panic mode. Panic goes to magnify the situation at hand and what started out as an ant hill becomes a huge mountain.

Breathing helps calm and center us in the moment. Deep belly breathes relaxes all the tight muscles previously tensed by the anger or fear. It enables us to get back in focus so we can face the situation at hand with a level head. As it often turns out, the challenge itself isn’t the problem,but our reaction to it is. So breathe baby….just breathe.


One essential way to stay positive during a rough day, is acceptance. For example, you could rack your brain for what might have caused your relationship to end. You could ponder endlessly on the reason why you lost your job. But no matter how hard you try,it would not reverse the current situation. Acceptance allows you to acknowledge and deal with the case at hand. No your partner is not coming back and yes, you really did lose your job. Face it, deal with it.


Another way to stay positive during a rough day,is to feel the emotions.We humans are emotional beings and as such we have to feel our emotions as they come and go. Typically when life goes haywire, it leaves us feeling some type of way. How do you respond to those feelings? Say you just got off the subway and realized that you left phone behind. You have your work files on it and very important contacts. What would your reaction be? It is needless to say that you be slammed with multiple emotions. Do not pretend to okay. Feel the feelings and express them until you realize it is not going to change the situation. Feeling your emotions contradicts the first point asking you to breathe. But realize that breathing may calm you down but not get rid of your emotions. So you have to feel them. If a situation leaves you wanting to shout or cry or both, by all means shout and cry. Once we feel those feelings and let go we can move onto dealing with the situation at hand.


Most often we are hardest on ourselves. We are unforgiving, very impatient and hold ourselves to impossible standards. So whenever we’re facing a rough day, we tend to blame ourselves for the entire situation. We berate and go hard on ourselves with the slightest mistake. Why do we do that? Frankly the nasty little surprise on its own is already a enough, so why add ourselves to the mix?

The truth is, challenges are meant to arise. It is there to test us and or teach us lessons. It even reminds us of the balance of things. Like appreciating the good times much more and lessons learned in bad times. So give yourself a break, learn from the experience and move on.


The best way to stay positive during a tough day is to do something that makes you happy. It may be dancing, listening to great music, playing with your dog or simply just taking a walk. Do whatever rocks your boat, as long as it shifts your focus to a more positive space. When you lift your spirit with joyful activities you restore balance. You get to deal with the situation from a place of stability as opposed to turmoil. So do yourself a favor and raise your vibrations and watch that situation go from overwhelming to minute


Gratitude, which is also in the positive spectrum, is especially important when going through a rough patch. I remember along my journey when i was assaulted. The security officer who had helped me, encouraged me to be grateful for my life. You see he had dealt with a lot of cases that did not end too well. So i stopped feeling like a victim, and felt more like a victor when i started feeling grateful. My focus shifted to what i already had, which was life. I began looking forward to enjoying my journey and was grateful that i had that chance in the first place

Gratitude has a way to humble and open your eyes to what really matters the most in life. There is always something to be grateful for. So be grateful for life, for your journey,its impact and lessons. Be grateful that there are always opportunities to do things differently. Gratitude centers you in the moment and reminds you of what you have and are. As it brings to mind what really matters, it enables you to see a rough day for all that it is…a rough day


Reconciling with a situation is another great tip to help stay positive when facing a rough day. You admit that the situation happened, and that it may have even threatened your peace. You acknowledge the entire experience,how it made you feel and what you got from it. Making peace is an extra step at letting go of the situation and establishing flow from within. So make peace with whatever happened and move on from it.


Above are some of the tools that helped me maintain a positive mindset during tough times. So take with you only what nourishes and resonates with your soul. what helped you along your journey? Share with us some of the things you do to stay positive during a rough day.


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