Life pulls us in so many different directions and it is so easy to drown in our routine. We neglect ourselves and our needs or put them off for later. We do it so much so that we no longer know how to cater to ourselves properly. Yet we always seem to forget that one cannot give from an empty cup. That to serve and give to others, we must serve and give to ourselves first. For one to give love,kindness or forgiveness to others, one must give love,kindness and forgiveness to oneself.

There are so many ways in which we can replenish our cup. Things that would help us feel good on the inside and about life in general. By either adding more value or removing things that no longer serve us in our lives. A few of them are listed below:


“In everything give thanks”. That is a statement my mother always said to me growing up. So in the good & bad times,i give thanks.

Always being grateful is one of best things you could do for yourself. That’s like getting spa treatments, but for the mind. Gratitude has that positive element to it that raises your vibrations and leaves you feeling good. You realize a shift in your energy and head space. Giving thanks draws your attention to your blessings and that awareness humbles and fills you with love.

So start or continue your gratitude journey. Be it by journaling, meditating,praying or saying it out loud. The more you feel grateful, the more you become open to receiving and thus abundance flows.


A truly beautiful thing to start doing for yourself is to be in the moment. Life is a string of moments and we are meant to be in every single one of them. We however, are either stuck in the past or incessantly worrying about the future. This allows no appreciation for the present. The gift of now.

Being present and mindful of what is happening in each moment enriches your life experiences. Therefore, forgive and let go of the past and stop worrying about what is to come. Develop the habit of meditating few minutes a day. Practice mindfulness during daily activities. These would help bring your awareness to the now.


Start to prioritize your happiness dear readers. I cannot stress this enough. Prioritizing your happiness entails that you’d have to cater to your emotional,mental,spiritual and physical needs. Choose to remove yourself from emotionally and mentally draining situations. Develop a healthier lifestyle, whether it is by cutting out or adding on foods , or starting to exercise. Take time off to energize and replenish yourself. Put your needs first(no,it isn’t selfish), and do what makes you happy. Search yourself and work on the areas where you are lacking. Push your boundaries, challenge yourself and discover new unexpected depths of your being.


It is very important to be mindful of the bonds you keep. Do your friends,family and loved ones add more value to your life? Or do they emotionally drain and enclose you in negativity? We have all had toxic people in our lives who constantly brought us down. Sometimes it is even family. We stay in such toxic relationships because we are scared of losing those people. But what we fail to see, is how much of ourselves we lose when we choose to stay.

Severing toxic relationships is a necessary thing to start doing for yourself. This rids you of constant low and negative energy from such bonds.You cannot deny the impact words and deeds have on us,especially when they come from loved ones. So you have to be sure to surround yourself with nurturing and positive people. People who would encourage, support and challenge you. Be sure to be what you want in a friend or partner. Admit it when you’re the toxic one and make sure to work on yourself. For you can’t attract loving and caring people when you aren’t those things. So sever those toxic bonds, even if it means being alone. Because it is better to be alone,than to be surrounded by people who make feel lonely.


There is nothing more unfortunate,than wasted talents. What are your talents or gifts? That thing which you love doing so much and are very passionate about? Figure out what it is,if you do not know it yet and express those gifts. Hone and polish your talents. Learn more about it, perfect your skills and find a way to live it daily. For example if you are passionate about dancing you can give dance lessons, and or choreograph dance performances. If you love writing, you can write and sell books, poems,lyrics or teach on it.


Connecting with your soul is an essential thing to start doing for yourself. The soul is the essence of your existence, so connecting with it reveals your true nature. There are times when you feel disconnected and distant from yourself. Sometimes because you get caught up with life and sometimes because some experiences impacts you profoundly. In times like that, soul connection is imperative, for it would remind you of your true nature.

You can connect with your soul by meditating. Meditation stills the external banter, so that the inner voice can be heard. It enables you to take stock of your life, where you are mentally and emotionally. Also, it bares your fears, insecurities and the areas that need your attention. Connect with your soul by accepting your past. Acceptance brings forth forgiveness, which in turn enables you to let go of the burdens you have been holding unto. Open your heart, be vulnerable,set yourself free by feeling and expressing your emotions


What better way to honor your soul than to stay true to it? Living your truth is another awesome thing to start doing for yourself, because it simply means being your authentic self. Speak your truth and live it proudly. Listen to your heart and always lead with it. Know who you are and love all aspects of your being. Be kind and gentle and forgiving when you make mistakes. Allow no room for comparison and be comfortable in your uniqueness. Do the things that you love and makes you happy. Find your purpose and live it bravely. As you evolve along your journey, be patient with yourself and embrace the changes that come with new chapters.


Doing these few things for yourself would go to restore balance in your life. It would heal old wounds, replace old and dull energy with wonderful positive vibrate. You stay true to yourself and live life to its fullest.

As always, take from this, only what serves and resonates with you. May you always remember to find ways to replenish every area of your life.


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  1. Ayuknyenty Godson Nyenty

    This is just lovely.. Thanks for these sweet and encouraging words.. Life is simple when you don’t stress over minor things.. Thanks so much..

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