We all go through some ish in this life, that threatens to break us. We lose loved ones, go through divorces, get physically or emotionally abused, etc. And though we try to push past it, we however, don’t leave the situation unscathed. The ish effs us up and leaves us with vulnerabilities. And as usual, instead of dealing with it, we’d rather shove it deep down into our box of unresolved issues. We then go on to wonder why we’re stressed, easily triggered and have repetitive self sabotaging behaviors. These triggers, unwanted obsessions and compulsions are a result of emotional blockage. Emotional healing, therefore is the release of emotional blockage. Healing emotional wounds allows us to deal and come to terms with events and circumstances which have occurred in our lives.

So then beautiful readers, how do we get to deal with those blockages and heal those emotional wounds? Below are a few tips:


Nothing causes more emotional pain than our thoughts. So it goes without saying that you’ll live in constant distress if your thought pattern is denigrating. Therefore, mindful meditation here helps you observe your thought pattern and its origin. You get to observe calmly without getting involved with or judging the thought. In other words, meditation brings to surface the buried wounds and areas that needs healing.


For you to fully heal emotional wounds, you have to accept and forgive them. Accept that it did happen and made you feel hurt, exposed, powerless and vulnerable. Forgive yourself, the parties involved and the situation itself. Forgiveness would enable you release the fear and or shame you had associated to it. It frees you from the burden and grudges you have been holding on to. It allows you to integrate the situation in your life as a learning experience . Forgiveness in itself, isn’t a walk in the park. But you have to give yourself permission to heal. Summon every ounce of love, courage and compassion in you to forgive and heal your emotional traumas. Remember to do it for yourself, because the turmoil affects none but you.


Gratitude elevates your energy to a positive space where things are not dreary as they seem. Giving thanks for challenging experiences shifts your focus and you get to see things from a different perspective. It brings to mind the immeasurable treasures and gifts you have been blessed with. You get to transcend the victim mentality and see the good in every situation. You realize that things come along and shape you but can’t break you. So be thankful, for your dents and cuts , for your strength and resilience, for they have shaped you into who you are.


Most times emotional wounds leaves us withering in shame and thinking it’s the end of the world. In times like that,everything turns grey. We have to surround ourselves with loved ones, who’d see us wholly, because all we see in ourselves are broken pieces. Their love is there to remind us of life’s goodness and help get us through hard times. So reach out to and lean on those you trust and love and who love you well. Let their love and support be a guiding light and the crutches you use to walk the path of healing.


Have you noticed that some bad experiences change you? like you see life differently and do all you can to shield yourself from future heartaches? Have you ever pondered on how out of touch you are with yourself after some time? The truth is, when you stay in unhealthy situations for too long you lose yourself. So when trying to heal emotionally, you have to find a way to reconnect with your soul. Listen to your heart and not your fears. Be vulnerable and raw. Let all those feelings come and go. Cry if you have to, talk to yourself and don’t be ashamed to say how you feel or felt. Take time to pray. Just let it all out and realize your own strength as you remember who you are or aspire to be.


Creating something different or simply redefining yourself is necessary when healing. You evolve and change everyday. So sometimes, you may no longer want the things you wanted years or months ago. In that case you have to be clear on your vision and work towards it. Or sometimes, you want the same things but cant seem to obtain them. In that case you have to break the cycle and do what adds value to your life. Push and inspire yourself, find purpose, know what you want and prepare to receive it. So, change course, to obtain a different outcome.


You have to show yourself love and prioritize your happiness during emotional healing. That means you have to put yourself first and take care of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. There’s no right or wrong way to practice self love. As long as you are building your confidence and self esteem. So it could be anything that makes you happy. It could be a social media cleanse, removing distractions, quiet time,praying, taking time off or going for a retreat. Or simple things like yoga, a bubble bath, spa treatment,making music or reciting positive affirmations daily. Take care of yourselves beautiful readers, for life is a continue try out sesh till you get it right 🙂


Many of us grew under the impression that internal conflicts shouldn’t be discussed. We therefore have stamped down our emotions for so long that it has culminated into a myriad of problems. Contrary to what many people think, seeking help, doesn’t make you a wuss or weakling. Therapy offers a safe place to talk about your emotional struggles, that have decreased your life quality. You get to unpack all the emotional baggage you have been suppressing. So talk to a professional and for as long as you need. It would help you heal, sort out your emotions and develop the tools to help yourself in the future.


Besides healing your emotional wounds and moving forward, you get to comprehend how strong you are. You get to see everything that you are,because it took everything in you to heal. You then get to present yourself fully to every situation, without losing yourself to them. Negative energy gives way to higher vibrations as you let go and make the best of every situation. You begin to understand that you need adversity to flourish into your wisdom. Even your outlook on life changes, as you realize that even though you can’t control what happens to you, you alone get to determine what every situation means.

To say healing comes immediately, is to say a lie. Healing comes by gradually and takes persistence and patience. Do not try to change everything at once. But be realistic and patient with yourself even when relapses occur. So to all those trying to heal, i send you love and light sky high. May you find the strength,courage and love to forgive. And may that journey shape you beautifully, for you are unbreakable

So take from this, beautiful readers only what serves and resonates with your soul. Share with us in the comment section what you do to heal your emotional wounds.


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  1. This is the masterpiece of a shrink. With the incidence of depression reaching epidemic proportions, this write up offers greats insight on the causes and how to stay sane. Release that emotional blockage. I love this blogger

  2. Appreciating the persistence you put into your website and detailed information you offer.
    It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed
    material. Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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